Sunny Days Zinc Sunblock - 70g Tin

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Sunny Days Zinc Sunblock


Colours: 00 Natural

Packaging: 70 g tin

Mineral Based “Sunblock” Is Your Safest Choice!

Sunny Days Sunblock is a mineral based sunscreen and does not contain dangerous chemicals as active ingredients.

Sunny Days Sunblock uses Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to absorb a wide spectrum of UVs (both UVA and UVB). They are effective immediately after applied. These minerals are stable in sunlight and do not create free radicals inside your skin.

More importantly, they are not absorbed* into the body through the skin so they pose little threat of bio accumulation, free radical creation, hormone disruption, and cancer causation. Mineral based sunscreens are the safe and logical choice for those needing protection from the sun.

* Micronized or nano-sized minerals can be absorbed, but these forms are in transparent formulations and not in Sunny Days Sunblock.


Sunny Days Recommendations:

  1. Enjoy some time in the sun but don’t over-do it. Watch out for the mid-day hours. Regular amounts of reasonable sun exposure are much safer than occasional heavy doses.
  2. Use a mineral based sunscreen when needed for those areas of the body that are most exposed (nose, cheeks, forehead, shoulders, etc)
  3. Enjoy life, get some exercise outdoors, be happy and healthy!


The Dangers of Using Transparent Sunscreens

  1. Many of the active ingredients used in transparent sunscreens are dangerous. The chemicals are absorbed into the skin, where with continued sun exposure (UVA and UVB radiation) create free radicals. Free radicals are cancer causing. This situation is especially dangerous when a sunscreen has been on the skin for hours and has already penetrated deeply into the skin and another layer of fresh sunscreen has not be re-applied (in other words, when you have not protected yourself from your own sunscreen.
  2. Active ingredients, like Oxybenzone, are readily absorbed into the body and are bio-accumulative. This means that though they are easily absorbed into your body, they are difficult for your own body to dispose of. 97% of Americans tested were found to have Oxybenzone in their bodies. Furthermore, Oxybenzone is shown to be a hormone disruptor that can promote developmental problems and cancer.
  3. Some sunscreens also contain Vitamin A (Retinol Acitate). Studies now show a link between Vitamin A in sunscreen and melanoma, Vitamin D and sunlight. The easiest way for your body to have a healthy level of Vitamin D is for your own body to make it from the sunlight. There is a great debate as to how much sunlight is the right amount and this depends on one’s skin tone (the darker your skin the more exposure is needed). But some facts remain. Vitamin D, as well as being a necessary vitamin, helps your body prevent osteoporosis and skin cancer, so some amount of sunlight is necessary and healthy!