Size Chart - Swim Wear


This is your generic guide to our size chart in comparison with other international size charts.

  • As all materials used are elastic and stretchable, each sizing may vary a little and subjected to the varied shape and body contour of each individual.
  • When choosing your swimwear that requires consideration for the measurement of different parts of the body (for women), please choose the bigger size. Example: If your chest is size M but your hip is size S, then please choose size M.
  • We recommend you to apply the UK/USA sizes (in inches) to tally with our Turbo sizing.
  • Turbo's Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL
            Children sizes: 2Y/01, 4Y02, 6Y/03, 8Y/04, 10Y/05
    NOTE:      Child   =   Adult
                   14Y/07  =   M
                   12Y/06  =   S
                   10Y/05  =   XS
                     8Y/04  =   XXS
                     6Y/03  =   XXXS   
    Please be reminded that our children sizes are based on European children. Therefore, our Asian children should consider at least 1-2 sizes smaller, depending on the build of the child.
    Example: A normal-build Asian child of 10Y/05 should choose Turbo's 8Y/04 instead. And a small-build Asian child of 10Y/05 should consider a Turbo's 6Y/03 instead.


Our sizing charts and the above information serve only as a guideline for our clients' convenience when choosing the products. We will not be responsible for any purchase of wrong size(s) made by our client(s).