WP Ball - Size No.5 Men (Yellow)

WP Ball - Size No.5 Men (Yellow)


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Water Polo Ball - Men

Size: No.5

Weight: 450 grams

Diameter: 69 cm

In accordance with LEN & FINA regulations.

SKU: 98160

Colour: 0001 / Yellow

NOTE: BULKY ITEM - Therefore, due to Smartpac packaging constraints, our delivery charge is $5.00 PER BALL instead of up to 1kg.

This ball is specially designed for the practice of Water Polo. It has a very sticky surface, perfect for training and games. It is composed of the best rubber on the market and has a special air valve.

It is considered the highest quality Water Polo ball in the world.

  • Official measurement
  • Approved by LEN & FINA
  • Subjected to strict quality control 
  • Product for professional games

Recommended use:

Super grip for better sensitivity and contact with the ball. Ideal for practice of Water Polo as ensures a more effective control of the ball. It is the ball chosen by major competitions and the best leagues in the world.

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